Artemis Pet Food

Artemis Pet Food


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Why buy Artemis pet food?

Artemis produces all-natural, premium pet foods for cats and dogs with a focus on top quality nutrition via natural methods. Artemis is dedicated to creating a whole-life approach to animal care. They do this by employing a holistic approach to food, with a strong focus on balanced nutrition. To support the good health and longevity of cats and dogs, Artemis incorporates a balanced selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and digestive enzymes in their recipes.

A varied Range

Artemis creates natural, premium nutrition for both cats and dogs, in wet and dry food varieties. They produce a number of different lines of foods including Artemis Fresh Mix, and Osopure pet food. Their foods often contain low-allergen or hypoallergenic ingredients and novel proteins such as bison, salmon, duck, tuna, tapioca, pumpkin, garbanzo beans, peas, lentils, and flaxseed.

A whole-body approach

Artemis pet food is carefully crafted with natural recipes to promote the health of all body systems in your pet, including a shiny coat, healthy joints, and small, firm stools.