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Designed for Australian pets

Australians and their pets live in a unique climate and have a different lifestyle compared with their counterparts in the northern hemisphere. Unlike other super premium brands, ADVANCE™ formulas' are designed and tested specifically for Australian conditions and Australian pets.

Support cellular repair

Nutrition can play a big role in keeping your pet's coat looking its best. Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world, which can not only impact on skin and coat health, but also cause DNA damage.

Recommended product: ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing

ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing is formulated with zinc and linoleic acid, nutrients that have been proven to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. It also contains a unique blend of powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, taurine and carotenoids to help support cellular repair under harsh Australian conditions.

Customer review: Michelle, VIC, AU
Reviewed 25 Feb 2016

Bought this for my mum's new dog (got her from the local rescue centre). Unsure what she was used to eating - and happy that she loves this food. Her coat is shiny & she is very happy & healthy.

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Support joint health

Dogs weighing over 25kg are considered to be large breeds and are often predisposed to developing joint and mobility issues, like osteoarthritis, later in life. Feeding a diet that contains added nutrition to support healthy joint function can help your large breed dog to maintain an active, outdoor lifestyle into old age.

Recommended product: ADVANCE™ Dog Adult Total Wellbeing Large Breed

ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing Large Breed formulas contain stabilised green lipped mussel powder, a potent source of glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 fatty acids to help support healthy cartilage and maintain joint health.

Customer review: Michelle, VIC, AU
Reviewed 25 Feb 2016

My puppy has just advanced to the adult dry food. She has one cup in the morning and evening. The tail stops wagging when she finishes eating and I get that look... Obviously we're very happy with this brand.

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Comprehensive feeding guides

Your cat's energy requirements can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including age, sex, activity level and whether they spend more of their time indoors or outdoors. With some parts of Australia having extreme seasonal fluctuations in temperature, the time of year can also play a role.

Recommended product: ADVANCE™ Cat Total Wellbeing

ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing for cats is designed to meet the challenges of Australia's unique climate and keep your cat in optimal condition year round. It has a feeding guide designed to help you determine the right amount to feed your cat depending on the season, their activity level and whether they spend more time indoors and outdoors.

Customer review: Christine, SA, AU
Reviewed 24 Jun 2016

My cat loves it, so that is all that matters!

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Encourage water intake

A number of smaller dog breeds can be predisposed to the development of lower urinary tract issues, including bladder stones. Maintaining good hydration and feeding a diet with the appropriate levels of minerals can help to reduce your small breed dog's risk of developing lower urinary tract disease.

Recommended product: ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing Small Breed

ADVANCE™ Total Wellbeing Small Breed recipes are formulated to encourage increased water intake to help maintain hydration, which is particularly important in the hot and dry Australian climate. They contain controlled levels of minerals and are formulated to produce slightly acidic urine to further support your small breed dog's urinary tract health.

Customer review: Andrew & Holly, QLD, AU
Reviewed 16 Jul 2016

Our two Cavalier KC Spaniels have grown up on Advance dry food and love it - and we love the prices and convenience of delivery to the door.

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Sustained energy levels

Very active and working dogs need a diet with higher levels of protein, fat and energy to help maintain strong, healthy muscles and prevent weight loss.

Recommended product: ADVANCE™ Adult Dog Active

ADVANCE™ Adult Dog Active is a complete and balanced formula with higher levels of energy, fat and protein to support the needs of very active dogs as well as pregnant and lactating females. It also contains the added benefit of Stabilised Green Lipped Mussel powder, an ingredient that has been clinically proven to help support healthy joints and mobility.

Customer review: Sean, QLD, AU
Reviewed 30 Oct 2016

Great product. My staffordshire Bullterrier loves it and is always healthy. Was very happy with delivery time.

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Invest in Your Pet's Health

Not all pet foods are created equal, so it pays to invest in your pet's health with better quality nutrition. ADVANCE™ cat and dog food formulas have been rigorously tested and proven to deliver noticeable results, including a shiny coat, healthy teeth and better stool quality.

Proudly Australian Made

All of ADVANCE™ wet and dry food formulas are manufactured in Australia, with over 90% of their ingredients sourced locally, delivering a fresher and more sustainable product than imported pet food brands. ADVANCE™ pet foods have an outstanding record for quality and safety, since their beginnings 15 years ago they have never had a product recall.

Australia's most rigourously
tested pet food

Global science, tested locally

ADVANCE™ formulas are developed using global science, then tested locally to guarantee they taste great, are highly digestible and deliver the latest in nutritional innovation.

Adhere to strict guidelines

During manufacturing, both raw ingredients and the finished product are continuously checked and tested to make sure they meet ADVANCE™ strict quality and safety guidelines.

Random Sampling

Once products are released for sale, random samples are taken from products on the shelves of ADVANCE™ retailers to ensure quality and consistency.

history of ADVANCE

ADVANCE™ was first developed in Australia in 1991, combining the global science of Waltham, one of the world's leading authorities on pet care and nutrition, with the local knowledge of Mars Petcare, who have over 45 years of manufacturing experience in Australia. Each and every formula undergoes rigorous testing under Australian conditions to ensure that it is highly digestible, highly palatable and delivers the best possible nutrition. ADVANCE™ has quickly built a strong reputation amongst the Australian pet community and is widely recommended by vets and breeders

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