Cat Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments

Cat Flea, Tick & Worming Treatments


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Keep your pet protected

When looking for cat flea and worming products, you want to make sure your cat is covered. Pet Circle provides a comprehensive range of parasite prevention products, making Pet Circle a one-stop location for all your preventative needs.

What parasites do I need to cover for?

Intestinal parasites such as worms, including hookworm, tapeworm, and roundworm all pose a threat to your cat. External parasites include fleas, mites including scabies and demodex, and ticks including paralysis ticks.

How does my cat get fleas?

Your cat can catch fleas from the environment, as they lay eggs off the cat, and jump back on once hatched. Fleas are at their worst during summer but pose a threat all year long. Fleas are usually very difficult to see, but flea dirt (little black bits of ‘dirt' in the fur of your dog) is always a clear sign that fleas are present.

How does my cat get a tick?

Paralysis ticks are caught when your cat walks through grass infested with ticks. The paralysis tick waves its legs in the air and senses carbon dioxide (from your cat's breathing) and launches itself up onto the source. This is why the majority of paralysis ticks are found on the cat from the shoulder blades forwards (head, ears, face and neck being the most common areas).

How does my cat catch worms?

Your cat can catch worms from a different array of routes. Hookworm, roundworm and whipworm are transmitted from the faeces of other animals, or in the soil. Tapeworms are caught from your cat ingesting fleas when they scratch and bite at flea-infested skin, from catching lizards or being exposed to infected lizard faeces, or from eating inadequately infected meat or offal (particularly livestock organs on farms).

Which flea and worming product should I use?

There's no all-rounder parasite preventative product on the market that covers for absolutely everything, so it's recommended that pet owners either combine two (a wormer with a flea and tick prevention product), or treat with one combination product and forfeit tick prevention (which can be acceptable if you live in a low-risk tick area or are in a low-tick time of year).

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