Drontal for Cats

Drontal for Cats


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Keep your cat protected from worms

Drontal is a cat worming treatment product from Bayer that offers superior protection for your cat against every intestinal worm commonly found in Australia. It comes in a sleek gold and lime green packet.

What worms does Drontal cover?

Drontal protects against hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. It does not offer heartworm protection. In terms of protection against intestinal worms, Drontal provides the strongest and most comprehensive cover of any wormer on the market. Drontal perfect if you need a wormer to supplement a yearly heartworm injection regime.

How does your cat catch worms?

Cats can catch worms from the soil and faeces of other animals. They can catch tapeworm from fleas (as they often ingest fleas after biting at flea-infested skin), from lizards and lizard faeces, and potentially also from eating the organs of farm animals.

How long does Drontal last?

Drontal provides three months of protection against tummy worms. In animals under 6 months of age, it is recommended to give more frequently. Consult your vet for further information about dosing kittens. Because there is no vaccination for intestinal worms, drontal is as close to a worm vaccine as possible.

Is Drontal safe for cats?

Yes, Drontal is safe for cats. It is available for cats of all sizes, and when dosed appropriately it is completely safe. The active compounds are praziquantel and pyrantel, which have been used safely in cats, and has been recommended by vets, for decades.

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