Cat Flea and Tick Treatments

Cat Flea and Tick Treatments


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Keep your cat protected

When looking for cat flea and tick prevention products, you want to make sure your cat is covered. Pet Circle provides a comprehensive range of flea and tick control products, making Pet Circle a one-stop location for all your preventative needs.

What external parasites do I need to cover for?

Fleas, ticks, and mites are the three main external parasites that pose a risk to your cat. The most common mite that affects cats are ear mites, but scabies and demodex are also species of mites that your cat can catch. Fleas are a risk to your cat all year round, and can be caught from eggs in the environment (as fleas lay their eggs off their host, then jump back on after hatching). Ticks are a risk for cats that venture outdoors, and are worst around spring and summer, and in certain parts of Australia.

How does my cat get fleas?

Your cat can catch fleas from the environment, as they lay eggs off the cat, and jump back on once hatched. Fleas are at their worst during summer but pose a threat all year long. Fleas are usually very difficult to see, but flea dirt (little black bits of ‘dirt' in the fur of your cat, particularly under the chin) is always a clear sign that fleas are present.

How does my cat get a tick?

Paralysis ticks are caught when your cat walks through grass infested with ticks. The paralysis tick waves its legs in the air and senses carbon dioxide (from your cat's breathing) and launches itself up onto the source. This is why the majority of paralysis ticks are found on the cat from the shoulder blades forwards (head, ears, face and neck being the most common areas).

Which flea and tick product should I use?

The only product available that is registered to prevent against ticks in cats is Frontline Plus and Frontline Spray. If you live in a high risk area, and are within a high-risk tick period (around spring and summer), you should apply a tick prevention every 3 weeks.

If your cat is indoors, or you live in an area where ticks aren't prevalent, you may wish to choose to treat for fleas and worms only. These options come in tablet / pill / chew form, as well as spot on treatments. Products that treat for fleas only include Comfortis, Seresto, and Advantage. Capstar is also available as a one-off 24 hour flea killer.

Products that include a wormer (although note that tapeworm is usually not covered) include Advocate and Revolution.