Profender for Cats

Profender for Cats


Profender for Cats products have an average rating of 4.7 / 5.0 from 10 reviews

Protect your cat from intestinal worms

Profender is a spot on wormer for cats. It offers protection against all intestinal worms seen in Australian cats. Profender controls hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm, and lungworm. Profender does not treat for heartworm.

How often do you need to apply Profender?

Profender needs to be given every 3 months. This is a very convenient treatment regime as it only means dosing your cat 4 times per year. Profender is produced by Bayer, and comes in a small square gold and yellow packet. The large cat has a photo of a ragdoll on the cover, and the medium cat dose has a picutre of a tabby cat, but Profender is able to be used on all cat breeds.

A topical, spot-on worming treatment

Profender comes in easy-to-use blister packs containing small tubes. The liquid worming solution inside is for placement on the skin at the back of the neck, after parting the hair. Spot-on treatments are extremely favourable for cats, as it means no more tablets! Profender is currently the only wormer on the market that treats for tapeworm in a topical form, rather than tablet form.

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