Buy Earthborn Holistic Cat Food

Buy Earthborn Holistic Cat Food


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Why buy Earthborn Holistic Cat Food?

Earthborn Holistic Natural Cat Food for cats uses natural, premium and holistic ingredients to create delicious recipes that deliver optimal nutrition for your cat. Earthborn’s range of cat food provides grain free options that are natural, holistic, high quality, and most importantly, delicious.

For cats, tasty and palatable flavours are available that use novel proteins including herring, salmon, chicken meal, tapioca, peas, blueberry, and cranberry.

Why buy grain-free, natural or holistic food for your cat?

Grain free and holistic diet formulas are good for cats with dietary sensitivities, particularly if they are gluten intolerant or allergic to wheat. Cats with sensitivities to food allergens usually present with skin issues, such as itchy skin, over grooming, hot spots, recurrent infections, or redness and rash, and often with gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea and gas.

A sustainable, environmentally friendly cat food

Not only does Earthborn Holistic make a strong commitment to producing high quality natural and nutritious cat food, but as a brand it is a very strong advocate of green environmental sustainability and preservation. The Earthborn Pledge is a set of the brand’s ethos which illustrate their various initiatives in the fields of recycling, land and water conservation, and reducing and reusing.