Buy Hills Ideal Balance Cat Food


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What is Ideal Balance?

Ideal Balance is a natural nutrition brand from Hills. Ideal Balance delivers completely balanced, natural nutrition for cats of the highest quality.

As an international leader in super premium pet nutrition for over 70 years, Hill’s continually collaborates with and employs Veterinary practitioners worldwide to ensure top quality nutrition in line with up-to-date pet healthcare research.

Why buy Ideal Balance for your cat or kitten?

Specially designed to keep your cat fit and healthy, every recipe from Ideal Balance contains wholesome ingredients with specific purposes, including fresh chicken for a source of lean protein, brown rice for natural fibre, flaxseed for omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and fruits and vegetables for valuable vitamins and minerals. Apples are often used for a source of vitamin C, and cranberries for bladder health.

Designed with cats in mind

Hill’s Ideal Balance understand that cats are carnivores, and have designed their food to be optimally digestible and appropriate for the unique feline nutrition requirements.

Is ideal balance grain free?

Ideal balance make both grain-free and non-grain-free cat food options, with all of their options free from wheat, corn, and soy. Non-grain free options contain nutritious brown rice as the grain. Proteins such as high quality chicken, poached salmon, and turkey are utilised. Cat food options are natural and wholesome.

A natural option for every lifestage

Ideal balance has food options for every lifestage, including kitten, adult cat , and mature cat. From growing kitten to senior cat, Ideal Balance has a natural and super premium option for you.