Holistic Cat Food

Holistic Cat Food


Holistic Cat Food products have an average rating of 3.9 / 5.0 from 50 reviews

Why buy Holistic Select Cat Food?

Holistic Select cat food is created with a commitment to promoting digestive health and total body nutrition in pets, through a natural and holistic approach. Holistic Select has been developing natural recipes for over ten years that support optimal digestion and promote beneficial bacteria in your cat’s digestive tract.

Lifestage specific

To embrace the philosophy that optimal pet nutrition should accompany social and physical enrichment, Holistic Select have developed a range of lifestage specific cat foods that cater to the age of your cat, while maintaining a holistic and natural approach to pet nutrition. They have developed high quality, natural, holistic diets for different lifestages including kitten, adult, and senior, as well as an indoor and grain-free cat food.

Natural and Delicious

Holistic Select natural cat food comes in both wet and dry varieties, and in wide array of tasty flavours including chicken, turkey and salmon, ocean fish and tuna, salmon and shrimp, chicken and herring, duck, and chicken pate. With many flavours and so many grain-free options even the most fussy cat will be satisfied.

Quality Assurance

In order to deliver a high standard of cat food, Holistic Select’s quality assurance program oversees each step of the supply chain to exceed the industry regulated requirements. This helps ensure Holistic Select can get a positive review from every customer.