Advance Cat Food

Advance Cat Food


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Why Buy Iams for Cats?

Iams cat food provides super-premium diets that have been scientifically formulated to create top of the range nutrition for cats. Iams produces tailored nutrition that is nutritionally balanced to meet the requirements of different lifestages, as well as different health conditions. With such a wide range of different diets available catering to all ages and activity levels, there is sure to be a diet for every cat.

Lifestage nutrition

Iams caters to cats of all life stages by designing food based on required nutritional factors specific to your cat's age. Growing kittens require much higher energy and calorie content in their kitten food, as well as ideal calcium, phosphorus and magnesium levels. Whereas older cats do better on a senior diet with fewer calories and higher content of joint-supporting nutrients. Iams understands this and has designed food for every age.

Nutrition to address health issues

Iams also addresses some health issues with their nutrition. Iams has food to allow for weight control, less active indoor cats, desexed cats, cats with hairballs, and grain free options for cats with sensitivities to grain.

Created just for your pet

Iams has a diet for kittens, adult cats, senior cats, as well as diets for hairball control, indoor cats, and sterilised cats.