Buy Ivory Coat Natural Cat Food

Buy Ivory Coat Natural Cat Food


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Why buy Ivory Coat cat food?

Ivory Coat cat food is formulated using the shared knowledge of a team of veterinarians, animal nutritionists, chemists and groomers to formulate high quality, natural Australian-made dog food at an affordable price.

Ivory Coat cat foods always provide a clear and precise ingredient list to guarantee that products are honest, wholesome, and top quality. The first ingredient is always meat, which shows a dedication to high quality dog food without the use of excessive fillers. Novel proteins such as tapioca and peas are used in the place of grains such as wheat and corn.

Nutrition is tailored to your cat’s lifestage, with options available for kitten and adult cats. Ivory Coat also provides one of the only cat diets on the Australian market that contains coconut oil.

As a brand, Ivory Coat have a strong commitment to supporting Australian producers and farming communities. Not only do they utilise local producers within Australia as much as possible, but they donate $1 from every 8kg bag of dry dog food sold to the charity Aussie Helpers, which helps farming families in tough times.