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Cat Trees & Scratchers


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Kitty climbing the wall? Try a new cat tree or scratcher!

Whether you're a proud new cat parent or already have a cat (or two) in the home, cat trees and scratchers are pretty much essential to your cat's life - especially indoor cats. In fact, the best cat toy could easily be considered a spacious cat tree: it gives them a place to sleep, groom, play and hide all in one.

Why does my cat need a scratching post?

A scratching post is more than a deterrant against scratching up your couch: a good-quality scratching post will help your cat stretch and tone their muscles (so, the taller the better!), trim and shed the outer casing of their nails (important for nail health), and satisfy other natural urges. If you have more than one scratcher around the house, you'll minimise the chance of your kitty scratching anywhere they shouldn't. For a long-lasting and durable scratcher, try SmartCat's Ultimate Scratching Post or, for a more budget-friendly option, Scrunch and Sticks make a scratcher that also includes swinging balls and a place to hide toys in the base.,

What about cat trees?

As we've said, cat trees serve multiple purposes such as a play area and nap area - but did you know that they also help to expand your cat's territory? This is especially important in indoor-only cats, who already have a limited area to patrol. A nice tall cat tree will give them a view of their surrounds, and give them a place to escape if you have small children or the family dog nagging them. With a feeling of privacy and escape, many negative cat behaviours will lessen over time.

The best cat tree is ideally very tall (try this one by The Catsentials), especially if you have a large or active breed of cat such as a Maine Coon or Bengal. SmartCat make an amazing cat climber that attaches to the back of the door, so if you don't have space for a large cat suddenly will! Large cat trees are also recommended for multi-cat households - and if they have a scratching post, a hidey-hole or other fun things included, that's even better. Add in some additional cat toys and your cat is good to go!

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