Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture


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Does your cat claw the furniture? Or maybe they can't decide whether they'd like to be inside, or outside! Argh! It's time to stop the frustration, with our cat home accessories, hideaway furnishings and more.

Flex those paws, sharpen those claws…

Have you been wondering how to get your cat to stop clawing the furniture? It's really quite easy: just set up a scratching post, like this one from The Catsentials, tempting your cat to set their claws on it rather than your chaise lounge. You could even try spraying the post with catnip spray to encourage your cat to claw the post instead.

Lots of modern cat furniture pieces use sisal scratching posts, so they can be both lounged and played on!

How about a kitty condo?

Speaking of cat furniture, we have plenty of pieces online at Pet Circle! We even stock the SmartCat Cat Climber, which hooks over the back of any door to get your cat's scratching furniture up and out of the way. Most cat furniture however will give your cat a place to both play and sleep, as cats like to feel secure when they're taking a snooze - Zeez cat furniture has to be the ultimate, with plenty of features to keep your cat entertained.

Buy cat furniture and cat scratchers at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door, always at the best price.