Cat Litter


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Cat Litter

Choosing a cat litter can be a tricky business, so how do you know you're selecting the right one for you and your cat? Competitive features are available to reduce and eliminate odours, limit clean up through clumping technology and mitigate the impact on our environment.

Clumping Litter

Clumping technology provides much easier clean up as the litter bonds with the urine to form scoop-able clumps. This means that clumping litters like World's Best Cat Litter, Catsan Ultra, Catlux, or Rufus and Coco can last for weeks with regular maintenance, whereas non-clumping ones need to be replaced much more frequently.

Crystal Litter

Crystal litters generally provide excellent odour control, and as the absorbent crystals take up urine it is only solid waste that needs to be removed on a daily basis. Crystals can also be a good choice for reducing tracking of the litter out of the tray and through the house.

Natural Litter

Natural litters like Feline First, Natty Cat, Applaws, and Oz Pet Animal Litter are a great option for the environmentally conscious as they can be used as compost for the garden when finished, rather than contributing to landfill.