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Border Collie Toys, Collars, Treats & more

Keeping your Border Collie physically and mentally active is key for health and wellbeing. They will benefit from a regular schedule in daily walks and fetch sessions, and interactive toys to keep their minds stimulated to prevent boredom

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    Border Collie Interactive Toys, Puzzle Feeders, Treat Dispensers & More

    Border Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds and as such enjoy a puzzle or mental tasks to keep their brains moving! Mental stimulation is key to keeping your Border Collie happy.

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      Border Collie Slow Feeders and favourite mealtime options

      Your Border Collie loves solving puzzles, by using a puzzle feeder or go slow bowl this can help make their mealtimes more interactive and may help to reduce the risk of bloat. Slowing down mealtimes can also help your dog to feel fuller after each meal, so they are less likely to beg for extra snacks!

        Tips for Border Collie Owners

        • Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs, they must be given the opportunity to gets lots of exercise! They love a job, whether that's herding sheep or fetching a ball. Keeping them physically and mentally stimulated will prevent any potential behavioural problems.
        • Border Collies are also very intelligent dogs, along with physical exercise, they must also be mentally stimulated. Puzzle feeders, snuffle mats and interactive toys are great ways to keep their minds well-exercised!
        • Border Collies have a natural instinct to herd and chase. They should be well socialized as a puppy and obedience classes can help deter their instincts to nip or to chase moving objects!
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        Border Collie Grooming Must Haves

        Border Collies can have a short or medium length coat with a high tendency to shed. To avoid your clothing and furniture being covered in dog hair, groom your dog regularly with a deshedding brush or undercoat rake.

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          Border Collie Collars, Leads & Harnesses

          Daily walks or running are essential for the high energy Border Collie. While a simple flat collar may be sufficient for some, if you have a Border Collie who pulls, choose a harness for more control.

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            Border Collie Puppy Essentials

            Give your Border Collie puppy the best possible start in life with premium quality medium breed puppy food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth. Other essentials include puppy training pads, chew toys, crates, beds etc.

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