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health products for dachshunds health products for dachshunds health products for dachshunds

Mental Stimulation & Anxiety Management

Dachshunds can develop separation anxiety when left at home alone for extended periods, especially without much to do. Interactive toys, calming pheremones and supplements alongside behavioural training strategies ensure a happy and content dachshund!

    feeding accessories and food for Dachshunds feeding accessories and food for Dachshunds feeding accessories and food for Dachshunds

    Dachshund Puzzle feeders and favourite mealtime options

    It's important to keep your Dachshund lean! Keeping them healthy and lean can reduce the risks of back injuries. They are also intelligent dogs loves solving puzzles, use a puzzle feeder or slow feeder bowl to help make their mealtimes more interactive.

      joint supplements for Dachshunds joint supplements for Dachshunds joint supplements for Dachshunds

      Dachshund Joint Supplements & Mobility Aids

      As Dachshunds are prone to back injuries due to their long backs, it is a good idea to help them get off of higher surfaces by using mobility aids such as stairs or ramps. Joint supplements can also be used to help support overall joint health as well.

        Tips for Dachshund Owners

        • Even though Dachshunds are smaller dogs, they are known for their courageous nature and will take on animals much larger than themselves. Early socialisation and obedience training is key to preventing aggressive tendencies towards strangers or other dogs.
        • Dachshunds have a wide variety of possible coats! Including long, short hair and can have a hard, straight or flat coat as well! No matter what coat your Dachshund has, they will need regular grooming.
        • Due to the Dachshund's long backs, there are a few activities that are generally not recommended for them. This includes jumping off heights such as beds, going up and down stairs, running at high speeds and tug of war to name a few as these can be high risk activities for a Dachshunds since they can be prone to back and disc injuries.
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        Dachshund Leads & Harnesses

        It is recommended to use a harness type collar as this helps distribute the force of the leash over the neck and the chest instead of solely around the neck.

          beds for Dachshunds beds for Dachshunds beds for Dachshunds

          Dachshund Comfy Beds & Snuggly Toys

          Keep your Dachshund warm and cosy in the cool winter months with snuggly beds. You can also keep them safe and not doing any high risk activities while you're not at home by turning a crate into a comfy little bedroom for them to hang out in while you're out and about.

            Dachshund puppy essentials Dachshund puppy essentials Dachshund puppy essentials

            Dachshund Puppy Essentials

            Give your Dachshund puppy the best possible start in life with premium quality small breed puppy food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth. Other essentials include puppy training pads, chew toys, crates, beds etc.

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