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Greyhound Training

Using only positive, reward based training methods is important for greyhounds as many may have come from traumatic or unpleasant experiences.

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    Greyhound Feeding

    Using slow feeder or anti-gulp bowls, alongside food dispensing toys at mealtime for greyhounds and other large breeds can help to reduce the risk of bloat, a potentially life threatening condition.

      Tips for Greyhound Owners

      • Greyhounds shed very lightly and have short, thin hair making grooming them a breeze. Most will just need a bath every few weeks and a light brush with a grooming mit or rubber comb to remove loose hair.
      • Despite their often gentle and 'chilled out' nature, some Australian states and local councils require pet greyhounds to be muzzled when out in public.
      • Greyhounds are epic couch potatos: most are content with 1-2 short walks daily and they can sleep up to 16 hours a day!
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      Greyhound Bedding

      Greyhounds prefer to lie down rather than sit on their haunches. Choose well padded mattress style beds with plenty of room to stretch out. Warming and fleecy beds are a ideal for use in winter.

        Greyhound Dental Care Greyhound Dental Care Greyhound Dental Care

        Greyhound Dental Care

        Greyhounds are commonly affected by dental disease, which makes it especially important to establish a dental health maintenance routine. This could include a combination of toothbrushing, treats, food, toys and other health products.

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          Home Alone Essentials

          Worried about leaving your greyhound at home alone? Investing in some clever pet tech like pet cams and interactive toys can give you peace of mind and help to prevent development of boredom or separation anxiety.

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