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Instinctive Bite

It's instinctive

Your gut is the most important thing in your dog's life. Well, that thing in your gut that tells you the right stuff to feed them. It's instinctive. You just 'know', because you love them. They're family. Just like your diet, you know what's good, what's bad and the importance of natural goodness. Of course, balance is the key, you know that. It's the same for them. good quality protein, a mix of grain and vegetables, the right minerals and antioxidants all adds up to good health. And you know healthy means happy!

Use your instincts, feed them Instinctive Bite.

Why Instinctive Bite?

  • Meat as the first ingredient

    A minimum of 50% of the recipe is meat

  • No Artificial Nasties

    Free from nutritionally-empty fillers, artificial flavours and preservatives

  • Complete and balanced

    Complete and balanced with all vitamins and minerals, in line with AAFCO requirements

  • More Choice

    Instinctive Bite have a range of Grain Free options at no extra cost

  • Wide range of single source proteins

    With a wide range of single source protein recipes, there's something to suit even the fussiest of dogs

  • Made in Australia

    All Instinctive Bite recipes are made in Australia from locally sourced ingredients

Wide Range of Wholesome Recipes

  • Kangaroo

    High quality lean meat,
    great source of iron

  • Chicken

    Highly digestible lean meat,
    to support muscle repair

  • Salmon

    Rich in omega oils to support
    healthy skin and joints

  • Lamb

    Palatable meat high in protein,
    iron, zinc, and vitamin B

About Instinctive Bite

At Instinctive Bite, we believe that a healthy dog is a happy dog. Their wellbeing and nourishment always comes first, which is why our recipes use only top-quality ingredients and packed full of protein, providing your dog with everything they need, and nothing they don't. We want to provide pet lovers of Australia the best possible food for their furry best friends. That's why all recipes are carefully crafted with a minimum 50% meat content, contain a mix of essential vitamin and minerals and made in state-of-the-art facilities in Australia with all fresh ingredients locally sourced. Available exclusively at Pet Circle.

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