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food for Maine Coon food for Maine Coon food for Maine Coon

Feeding Maine Coon Cat

What's the best food for a Maine Coon? Our vets recommend premium quality, highly digestible formulas which are gentle on the stomach and contain everything your cat needs to thrive. Be sure not to overfeed as Maine Coons are prone to being overweight!

    trees and scratchers for Maine Coon trees and scratchers for Maine Coon trees and scratchers for Maine Coon

    Trees, scratchers and beds for your Maine Coon Kitty

    Maine Coons love to perch and watch the world go by from a height, they also love nothing more than a nap in the sun, they love having cat scratchers or cat trees where they can perch themselves at different levels!

      toys for Maine Coon toys for Maine Coon toys for Maine Coon

      Stimulate their brain and keep them happy

      Maine Coons love a snooze and lay around during the day, but keeping them physically and mentally stimulated is important for their overall wellbeing and health! Use interactive toys to keep them stimulated and well-exercised!

        Tips for Maine Coon owners!

        • Maine Coons have a silky, heavy and thick long-haired coat. Regular grooming will be essential to keeping their fur lush and tangle free!
        • Despite their size, Maine Coons are sweet natured and gentle giants that are adaptable and love the company of humans.
        • Maine Coon are large cats and as such their nutrition needs to be carefully controlled. They are prone to weight gain and can easily become overweight!
        Read the breed guide
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        Keeping your Maine Coon healthy

        Our Maine Coons can be prone to dental and joint disease as they get older! Early prevention and supplement is key to a healthy aging process. Supplements of Omega oils can also increase the lush and shininess of your Maine Coon's coat!

          litter and grooming for Maine Coon litter and grooming for Maine Coon litter and grooming for Maine Coon

          Keeping your house and kitty clean and fresh

          Maine Coon have thick, plush and silky coats, while baths are not usually neccssary, a regular grooming session can keep your cat's fur nice and tangle-free while enjoying a nice bonding session with them.

            essentials for Maine Coon kitten essentials for Maine Coon kitten essentials for Maine Coon kitten

            Essentials for Maine Coon Kitten

            Give your Maine Coon kitten the best possible start in life with a premium quality kitten food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth.

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