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Grooming Your Pomeranian

Pomeranians have a medium length double coat, they need to be brushed daily to prevent matting. Regular trims with clippers or grooming scissors is highly recommended, especially around the eyes, mouth and ears and between the foot pads.

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    Anxiety Management

    Pomeranians can develop separation anxiety when left at home alone for extended periods. Calming pheremones, supplements alongside behavioural training strategies and interactive toys while alone at home can help.

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      Feeding Pomeranians

      Wonder what the best food for a Pomeranian is? Our vets recommend premium quality, highly digestible formulas which are gentle on the stomach and contain everything your Pomeranian needs to thrive.

        Tips for Pomeranian Owners

        • Even though Pomeranians are small, they are very energetic dogs and thrive on lots of exercise and playtime!
        • Pomeranians are intelligent and benefit greatly from with obedience training. Sometimes they don't realize their own size and can confront larger dogs.
        • Pomeranians have a medium double coat and will benefit from regular grooming and brushing!
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        Pomeranian Skin, Ear & Dental Health

        Keep your Pomeranian healthy by taking a proactive approach to prevent or manage common health conditions. Luxating patella (kneecaps out of place) is a common health issue of pomeranians which can require surgery, in some cases joint supplements can be helpful, particularly as your Pom ages.

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          Pomeranian Clothes, Collars, Outfits & More

          Ensure your Pomeranian is the best dressed at any occasion with a range of cute outfits, stylish collars and tasteful accessories. Keep your Pom warm in the chilly winter months with jackets, jumpers & coats and freshen up their look for summer with collars and accessories in playful patterns and bright colours.

            pomeranian puppy essentials pomeranian puppy essentials pomeranian puppy essentials

            Pomeranian Puppy Essentials

            Give your Pomeranian puppy the best possible start in life with premium quality small breed puppy food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth. Other essentials include puppy training pads, chew toys, crates, beds etc...

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