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Food for pugs Food for pugs Food for pugs

Mealtime and Interactive Feeders for Pugs

It's important to keep your Pug lean! Keeping them healthy and lean can reduce the risks of exacerbating breathing issues. Pugs are also intelligent dogs who loves solving puzzles, use a puzzle feeder or slow feeder bowl to help make their mealtimes more interactive.

    Shampoo and Grooming for Pugs Shampoo and Grooming for Pugs Shampoo and Grooming for Pugs

    Pug Grooming & Odour Control

    The key to keeping your Pug smelling great is to support optimal skin health. Regular grooming help remove excess fur from their thick double coat and bathing every few weeks using a gentle shampoo can keep them clean and smelling good. Pay extra close attention to the skin folds around the nose and face to prevent yeast and bacterial infections.

      toys for pugs toys for pugs toys for pugs

      Mental Stimulation & Anxiety Management

      Boredom and anxiety are often the root cause of behaviour problems in Pugs. Use interactive toys and treats to keep them mentally stimulated and out of mischief.

        Tips for Pug Owners

        • Pugs are laid-back lap dogs that love people. They can be stubborn but still eager to please their humans, they benefit greatly from early socialisation and training!
        • Due to their squashed faced nature, they are prone to the effects of hot weather and are more at risk at developing heat stroke. Ensure they are properly cooled and have access to cool fresh water on warm days!
        • Pugs have a dense thick double coat and shed a lot! They will benefit greatly from regular grooming sessions.
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        Pug Collars, Leads & Harnesses and more

        While Pugs were bred to be companion lap dogs, they love a run in the park just as much as any dog!

          joint supplements and health products for pugs joint supplements and health products for pugs joint supplements and health products for pugs

          Pug Joint Supplements & Mobility Aids

          Pugs can be prone to luxating patellas and other joint problems as they get older, joint supplements can be used to help support overall joint health ensuring they're able to continue to run around well into their old age!

            pug puppy essentials pug puppy essentials pug puppy essentials

            Pug Puppy Essentials

            Give your Pug puppy the best possible start in life with premium quality small breed puppy food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth. Other essentials include puppy training pads, chew toys, crates, beds etc.

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