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Anxiety Management for Staffies

Staffies can suffer from anxiety, which can be an underlying cause of behavioural problems such as destructive chewing. Daily exercise and behavioural training strategies, alongside calming supplements and pheremones can help.

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    Durable Toys for Staffies

    Staffies never stop chewing, from puppy right through until old age. Offer a variety of tough, durable toys and treats to prevent your staffy from chewing up your furniture or shoes!

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      Staffy Collars, Leads & Harnesses

      They may not be the largest breed, but Staffies are still seriously strong! If you have trouble with your staffy pulling on the lead, try a front attaching harness or headcollar to gain some control.

        Tips for Staffy Owners

        • Staffies can be prone to skin allergies and often have sensitive skin. Feeding a quality diet rich in omega fatty acids can help to keep itching and redness at bay.
        • A highly social breed, Staffies can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods without adequate mental and physical stimulation from toys, treats and exercise.
        • Despite their tough exterior, Staffies make loyal and much loved family pets and can be great with children.
        Read the breed guide
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        Mealtime Favourites

        Due to their tendency to have skin and digestive sensitivities, premium quality, easy to digest foods enriched with omega fatty acids are recommended for Staffies.

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          Puzzle Feeders & Interactive Toys

          If your Staffy is chewing things up around the house or digging holes in the yard, it could be a sign of boredom. Keep them out of mischief by occupying their minds with puzzle feeders and interactive toys.

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            Staffy Puppy Essentials

            Staffy puppies' peak socialisation window is around 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age. Exposing your (fully vaccinated) pup to a range of animals, people and places in a positive way will help them to be well adjusted adults.

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