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Whippet Bedding

Whippets prefer to lie down rather than sit on their haunches. Due to their lack of fat, they can be prone to developing pressure sores. Choose well padded mattress style beds with plenty of room to stretch out. Warming and fleecy beds are an ideal for use in winter.

    dental health for whippets dental health for whippets dental health for whippets

    Whippet Dental Care

    Whippets are commonly affected by dental disease, which makes it especially important to establish a dental health maintenance routine. This could include a combination of toothbrushing, treats, food, toys and other health products.

      Tips for Whippet Owners

      • Whippets have short and velvety coats that make grooming easy! However, this also means they hate the cold! Coats and warm beds are great accessories to help keep them warm.
      • Whippets make great apartment dogs if allowed to exercise multiple times a day! They live for two things in life, sprinting full speed ahead and curling up next to you on the couch.
      • Whippets tend to be sensitive dogs and are the most obedient breed out of all the sighthounds. They can be very attached to their families!
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      Whippet Interactive feeders and favourite mealtime options

      Whippets love solving a good puzzle during meal time, use a puzzle feeder, snuffle matt or slow feeder bowl to help make their mealtimes more interactive. This can also aid with slowing their eating down which can reduce risk of bloat.

        toys and treats for whippets toys and treats for whippets toys and treats for whippets

        Whippet Training

        Sighthounds can be notoriously more stubborn in their training. Whippets are one of the most trainable breeds in the sighthound family. Positive, reward based and clicker based training methods are most effective in training them!

          essentials for whippet puppies essentials for whippet puppies essentials for whippet puppies

          Whippet Puppy Essentials

          Give your Whippet puppy the best possible start in life with premium quality small breed puppy food designed to support healthy bone and joint growth. Other essentials include puppy training pads, chew toys, crates, beds etc.

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