10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Greyhound

Last updated 29 JUNE 2021

This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr Teagan Lever BVSc (Hons)

Are you considering adding a new dog to your family? If so, you should consider adopting a greyhound. These affectionate couch potatoes can make excellent family pets and there are thousands out there right now looking for a second chance at life.

1. They don't need much exercise

Despite their athletic appearance, most greyhounds are content with short strolls around the block every day. Many are surprised to hear that greyhounds are known as 'couch potatoes' and are actually known for being 'chilled' - possibly even lazy! This makes them perfect for those who aren't able to manage long exercise sessions every day.

2. They are great for apartments and small yards

Greyhounds are epic couch-potatoes! At home you can usually find them snuggled up in bed. It is not uncommon for them to sleep 16 hours or more a day. This makes them perfect for small homes, apartments with a yard, and townhouses.

3. They have a sweet and gentle nature

Although many states and councils in Australia still mandate that greyhounds must wear a muzzle in public places, they are actually extremely gentle and placid dogs. The laws regarding compulsory muzzling were originally introduced to prevent overexcited racing animals injuring each other at the track. The RSPCA supports the complete removal of compulsory muzzling laws for greyhounds.

4. You will have a new best friend

Greyhounds are known for being affectionate and cuddly dogs. Often referred to as 'velcro' dogs, they will stick close to your side when you are at home. Due to their preference for sleeping, they also make excellent bed-warmers and cuddle companions.

5. They have good manners!

Most greyhounds have excellent manners. They are quiet and reserved dogs, even when meeting new people. Ex-racing dogs are often trained and obedient, so the hard work is often done for you!

6. They require minimal grooming

Greyhounds have short coats that require little attention. They do shed hair, though, so make sure you've got a good lint roller and rubber brush like the Paws for Life Curry Brush.

7. They get on well with other dogs

Due to their mild mannered nature greyhounds generally socialise well with other dogs. While ex-racers can be a little incompatible with small dogs, cats and pocket pets such as guinea pigs (due to their training in chasing small animals), this isn't always the case. Most greyhound rescue groups will evaluate

8. They rarely bark

Greyhounds are known for being quiet and rarely bark. However, just like any dog, they can learn this behaviour if you already have a barking dog at home.

9. They have a serious sense of style

Due to their short coat and lack of body fat, greyhounds benefit from wearing warm coats or PJs during the cold winter months. This gives them a great opportunity to show off their individual sense of style.

10. You will save a life!

Animals Australia estimates that a staggering 20,000 greyhounds are bred each year in Australia for the racing industry. When these dogs are no longer wanted for racing they are often euthanized rather than being rehomed. With the recent decision by the NSW and ACT governments to ban greyhound racing, it is anticipated that rescue organisations will receive an influx of unwanted dogs over the coming months. By adopting a greyhound you are literally saving a life.

If you like the sound of having a greyhound in your life, there are a number of charity organisations in Australia, like Gumtree Greys, Greyhound Rescue NSW, Greyhounds as Pets and Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC, SA) that have greyhounds available for adoption. If you cannot commit to owning a greyhound long term, you may be interested in becoming a temporary foster carer instead.

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