5 Tech Products Your Pet Definitely Needs [2020]

19 JUNE 2020

This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr Carla Paszkowski BVSc

There's nothing quite like the feeling of buying yourself a fresh new device. Unwrapping its inticingly sleek, shiny body from the crisp packaging, turning it on for the first time, learning how to use all the features - it all adds up to a truly special, and delightfully first-world experience.

But why stop at devices for yourself? With incredibly fun and novel tech prodcuts now available for cats and dogs, technology can make caring for your pet more convenient, modern, and - dare we say it - user-friendly? Go on. Treat yourself, and treat your pet.

1. The Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Struggling to keep one pet out of another pet's food? This incredibly clever Microchip Pet Feeder is a fun and easy way to ensure the food only gets eaten by the right pet. Using revolutionary technology, the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect turns your pets existing microchip into an electronic key that allows access to the food within. Don't get it? Watch the video below!

The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect differs from other microchip-activated bowls through its innovative app-linked technology and state-of-the-art real time data reporting. This smart bowl links directly to the Sure Petcare app on your phone via the Surepet Connect Hub, so that you can set up a fun profile for each pet, receive notifications when they eat, and view summarised data to track their eating.

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2. Pet Kit Mate Pro

From videoing to remote chatting, this 'pet webcam' does it all. The Mate Pro is like a baby-sitter for your pet: it gives you a wide-angle live feed of your home, allows you to take photos and videos in 720pHD, speak to your pet, and even lets you play with your pet using an automated laser (however, that feature is only recommended for cats!). Controlled via the PETKIT App, this sleek piece of tech will help you to interact from your pet while you're away from home. It even has infrared night vision, so you can keep an eye on your pet no matter the hour of day.

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3. Sureflap Connect Microchip Pet Door

Need to keep one pet inside while giving another freedom to roam? Worried about an oncoming thunderstorm while you're at work, and want to keep your pet safely inside? You can simply lock this door from your phone and relax.

This smart door turns your pet's existing microchip into a fob key, allowing only programmed chips to pass through. It can be installed into doors, walls or windows, just like a normal cat flap - but comes with a fantastic list of features to boot. The Connect (plus its App and and Hub) lets you know whether or not your pet is at home, monitoring their long-term activity. Its a great option for knowing when your cat goes on their morning prowl. It can also be remotely locked or unlocked anytime, anywhere.

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4. Scoopfree Self-Cleaning Litter Tray

This litter tray literally cleans itself. How cool is that?! It works by sensing your cat's movement into the tray, and then leaving the litter tray. Once your cat has finished, the device runs a plough-like comb through the litter and collects any clumped waste into a sealed container at the end of the tray. It keeps the waste neatly locked away to reduce any odour wafting. Because cats are very clean creatures, they will love having a clean litter tray straight away, without needing to wait until you're home to clean it up.

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5. Drinkwell Water Fountain

Water fountains are always a good idea. They keep your pet's water supply fresh and filtered, which is very handy for when you're not at home for a period of time. Plus, it can help keep your pet hydrated, as it nourishes their natural instinct to drink running, fresh water. Water fountains are available in a huge array of styles and colours to suit any interior style. Nothing says "pampered pet" like a fresh source of filtered water from their own personal fountain!