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Shiva Greenhalgh (RAnNutr), MAnimSC (Animal Nutrition), BSc (Zoology), BArts

Last Updated 13 JUNE 2022

Shiva is Pet Circle's in-house animal nutritionist. Shiva holds a masters of animal science (animal nutrition) from the University of Sydney, and her undergraduate degree in zoology from Western Sydney University. She is also a registered nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia.

Shiva specialises in companion animal and poultry nutrition. She has experience working with pet owners and pet food businesses across areas of clinical and general nutrition, providing advice and formulations as well as product development.

Shiva's favourite area of nutrition is clinical nutrition, product development and education.

Shiva Greenhalgh's Pets

In addition to her three human children, Shiva has a further three creatures she is mother too, and they include Mona the Keeshond as well as cool cats, Henry and Goblin.




At Pet Circle

Shiva joined Pet Circle in early 2022 as their in-house animal nutritionist. Her role is spread across the business, where she is directly involved in product development and advice, education and marketing, as well as providing support to the vets on all thing nutrition. Shiva's favourite part of working at Pet Circle is the education and advice she can provide all across different areas of the business, which helps pets owners make more informed choices on their pet's nutrition.