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    1. Food

    Are you feeding your kitten the right food?

    Not all kitten food is equal

    As a devoted kitten parent, we know you want to do the best for your newest fur family addition, but navigating the world of cat food can be tricky. With every pack on the shelf promising you a shiny, happy, healthy kitten, how can you decide which food is truly best for your kitty?

    The vast majority of kitten food sold in Australia will meet your kitten's minimal nutritional requirements as set out by industry bodies like AAFCO or FEDIAF; but just like a passing score could range from a C- to an A.

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    So what makes an A+ food?

    • Be tailored to your pet's life stage and size (Because what suits a 1kg kitten might not suit an 8kg Maine Coon).
    • Have undergone digestibility testing so you know that the nutrients in the food are actually digested and absorbed by the body.
    • Offer proven benefits, like optimal bone development, improved immunity, healthy skin and a shiny coat.
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    Invest in long term health

    Premium quality foods are backed by decades of nutritional research and development which means their formulas are tailored to reduce the risk of some common health problems in adult cats.

    Premium kitten foods can offer:

    • Optimal bone growth for healthier, stronger bones and joints for life.
    • Improved brain function to support learning for reduced behavioural problems.
    • A healthy body with plenty of lean muscle mass for reduced risk of obesity in later life.
    • Nutrients to support and strengthen the immune system to help fight infectious illness.

    Feeding a high quality food is one simple thing you can do every day to invest in your kitten's long term health. See our table below for a cost/day comparison - you might be surprised at how affordable a premium food can be!

    Food Brand Comparison
    Based on an 8wk old 1 kg kitten (adult weight approx 5kg)
    • NB bag size was capped at what would last for no more than 90 days as food becomes stale and unusable at this time.
    • Nutrients compared on a dry matter basis
    Product Ingredient Consistency Between Batches Nutritional Analysis Are feeding trials performed to prove nutritional adequacy? Added ingredients for digestive health Ingredients for skin health Total Protein content Price Days Per Bag Cost Per Day
    Brand on Supermarket Shelf, 800g Vary depending on cost and availability Minimum levels only Fish by-products 32% $5.00 14 days $0.35
    Royal Canin, Kitten 4kg Detailed nutritional analysis provided
    • Beet Pulp
    • Prebiotics
    • Psylium husks
    Fish oil 36% $47.77 81 days $0.58
    Hills Science Diet, Kitten 1.58kg Detailed nutritional analysis provided
    • Flaxseed
    • Fruits and vegetables
    Fish oil 33% $54.43 80 days $0.68
    Advance, Kitten 3kg Detailed nutritional analysis provided
    • Colostrum
    • Beet Pulp
    Fish oil 35% $29.99 75 $0.39

    Benefits you can see (and smell!)

    • Less Upset Tummies - Consistent ingredients plus added nutrients to support digestion.
    • Less Mess - Smaller, firmer stools mean easier clean ups and less litter smell.
    • Reduced Risk of Obesity - Better nutrition to grow a healthy body with plenty of lean muscle mass.
    • Less Smells - Less smelly, room clearing gas emissions.
    • Tailored formulas - For healthy bone and joint development.
    • Added beneficial nutrients - Such as omega fatty acids in higher levels, from higher quality sources for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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  • 2. Flea and Worming

    Flea and worming

    Fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms can cause very serious illnesses for your kitten; yet thankfully they are completely preventable.

    Flea and worming highlights here:

    • Fleas
    • Ticks (in tick paralysis areas)
    • Heartworm
    • Intestinal worms
    • Tapeworms (including hydatids)
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    Flea, Tick and Worming Product Comparison
    *Based on smallest available pack size suitable for growing kittens. Prices as of 7/12/21
    Product Minimum Age Ticks Fleas Intestinal worms Heartworm Tapeworms Price Treatment frequency Cost per month
    Bravecto Plus Spot On, single pack 9 weeks $27.23 2 monthly $13.60
    Revolution Plus Spot On, 3 pack 8 weeks $32.40 Monthly $10.80
    Advocate Spot On, 3 pack 9 weeks $38.50 Monthly $12.80
    Revolution Spot On, 3 pack 6 weeks $43.02 Monthly $14.34
  • 3. Treats & Toys

    What kind of treat is best for my kitten?

    Treats are a great way to reward good behaviour in your kitten and strengthen the human-animal bond.

    A good kitten treat should be:

    • Delicious! Make sure it's something extra special that your kitten doesn't normally eat.
    • Soft and easy to chew; baby teeth are not as strong as adult teeth, plus teething can make crunchy treats uncomfortable for some kittens.
    • Easily digestible and mild on sensitive little tummies.
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    Recommended Kitten Treats
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    It's playtime!

    Play is essential for your kitten's physical and mental wellbeing, so stock your kitten's toy box with a variety of different toy types.

    Types of toys for your kittens

    • Soft toys - Perfect for cuddling up to during quiet time and sleep, soft toys can comfort your kitten while they adjust to their new home.
    • Teaser toys - Great for interactive play sessions to enhance your kitten's coordination.
    • Interactive toys - Treat dispensing, puzzle and interactive toys will keep your kitten occupied and out of mischief!
    • Scratchers - Support your kitten's natural urge to scratch and save your furniture!
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  • 4. Litter Training

    What do I need to litter train my kitten?

    Cats naturally value cleanliness so toilet training is usually fairly straightforward.

    You will need to provide:

    • Litter Trays Ensure that the tray that you select has low sides so that your kitten can climb in and out easily.
    • Litter Avoid clumping clay or crystal litter as these can cause illness if inhaled or ingested by curious kittens. Look for biodegradable litter options such as those based on plant material or recycled paper.
    • Litter scoop Scooping daily will keep your kitten's litter tray cleaner for longer.
    • Enzyme-Based Cleaner To clean little accidents and prevent lingering odours.
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    Recommended Kitten Items

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Kitten Essentials Checklist

1. Food

2. Flea and Worming

3. Treats and Toys

4. Litter Training

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At home Dr Belinda is Pet Parent to Louie the Hungarian Vizsla, 2 foster-fail cat brothers Fatty and Houdini and a flock of backyard chickens. It is not unusual to also find a litter of foster kittens being cared for at Dr Belinda's house.