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Dr Elise Barry

Last Updated 14 JANUARY 2020

Dr Elise is part of the Pet Circle in house veterinary team. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007 and worked in mixed practice (with large and small animals) in the Central Tablelands before relocating to South East Queensland to work in small animal practice. Dr Elise caught the travelling bug and enjoyed 2 years working as a locum in London before returning and starting at Pet Circle in 2013. Dr Elise enjoys producing content for Pet Circle and answering pet-related questions.

Dr Elise has completed a diploma in wildlife management and furthered her studies in ophthalmology and animal behaviour. She enjoys helping pet owners to understand their pets and keep them happy and healthy.

Dr. Elise's Pets

Dr Elise grew up with a hobby farm and backyard full of pets. She still enjoys tending to the cattle and bees on the farm but currently has just one dog at home called Rumpold. A Labrador x Kelpie he was rescued from a shelter and has always been a handful but is now a much-loved member of the family.

At Pet Circle

History: Dr Elise joined Pet Circle as a veterinarian in 2013. She provides up to date and factual content for the website about anything pet related. She is also part of the in house veterinary team answering your pet questions on our Ask A Vet service.

Dr Elise loves working for Pet Circle and seeing the company continue to flourish. Educating pet owners and helping them to care for their pets to the best of their ability is such a rewarding experience. Dr Elise is building her knowledge in animal behaviour, to help pets and their owners to optimise their bond and promote a healthy relationship.

Elise and Rumpold