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Dr Quincy Lee, DVM BSc

Last Updated 31 JULY 2022

From a young age, Dr. Quincy knew he wanted to be a veterinarian. He grew up will all types of pets (dogs, birds, aquatic animals, rabbits, etc) and further extended his passion by volunteering at the zoo during school holidays. He completed his veterinary studies at the University of Melbourne in 2017 and has since been working in general practice. He is a proponent of preventative medicine and would like to help people and their pets live a healthy and happy life.

Dr Quincy's Pets

Quincy has an African Grey parrot named Sharek, who is under the care of his brother back home where she has other feathered friends and fluffy companions.

Sky and Snowy


Muffy and Tootsie

At Pet Circle

Dr Quincy joined Pet Circle in May 2020. When in clinics, he often found it difficult to go into detailed "general" pet care within consult time. There is also often overwhelming amount of information for pet owners to take in. Through the Vet Pet Plan service provided by Pet Circle, he is able to provide trusted resources to fill in the gaps. This also allows pet parents to take their time to digest the information.

Quincy's Top Recommended Products

Tropiclean Oral Care Kit

"One of the most common health condition I see in practice is dental disease. It’s not just about bad breath and ugly looking teeth, but oral health is an important aspect of your pet’s health and wellbeing. Like us, they only get 1 set of adult teeth for life! "

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

"Besides using a brush, using a dental chew is a great supplementary tool (not an alternative) to help maintain dental hygiene. OraVet not only cleans the teeth mechanically, but it also has a special ingredient that prevents bacteria from attaching to the teeth"

Nexgard Spectra

"An excellent parasite prevention that covers for Ticks, Fleas, Heartworms, and most Gastrointestinal worms."