Bravecto for Dogs

Bravecto for Dogs


Bravecto for Dogs products have an average rating of 4.7 / 5.0 from 94 reviews

Superior protection against fleas and ticks

Bravecto offers protection against fleas and ticks that is reliable, effective, and vet-recommended. For a dog tick treatment that is high quality and unrivalled in convenience and efficacy, look no further. Because there is currently no vaccination on the market against fleas and ticks, Bravecto is the closest you can get to a flea vaccine for dogs.

Simple and convenient

Bravecto protects against fleas for 3 months, and against ticks for 4 months. So how often do you have to give Bravecto? It is typically recommended that Bravecto should be given once every three months, but if you forget one month you can rest assured that you still have protection against ticks, the more dangerous of the two parasites, until 4 months after the last dose. Bravecto is the only product on the market to offer more than one month of tick prevention, and vets worldwide review Bravecto as highly effective and revolutionary.

Highly palatable to make it easy for you

Bravecto comes in chew form, which is highly palatable and easy to give. Your dog will think they are getting a tasty treat and won't realise they are actually getting a flea treatment.

Is Bravecto safe?

Bravecto is highly recommended by vets worldwide, but has come under scrutiny mostly in part to facebook groups created by the public. As yet, the FDA has not found any established link between Bravecto and side effects including kidney and liver failure. The only established side effect with Bravecto includes vomiting, which is a very common side effect for all oral parasite preventatives, and in rare cases decreased appetite, increased salivation, lethargy, pruritis, and diarrhoea were also reported. For more information, peer-reviewed studies are available for public viewing on Bravecto's website.

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