Dog Flea and Tick Medication

Dog Flea and Tick Medication


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Why protect your dog from ticks?

Ticks can cause anything from a minor irritation to serious illness and even death. The Paralysis tick can lead to your dog becoming wobbly particularly in the hind legs and cause breathing difficulties. Your vet should always be contacted in any suspected tick cases. Ticks are often picked up in long grasses or scrub in warmer, wet climates but can almost be seen anywhere at any time of year. They will drop onto your pet and begin sucking their blood causing them to swell. Tick prevention is the best way to stop your dog from becoming sick.

Tick Products and Treatments Online - Always at the Best Price

There is a range of different tick treatments ranging from tablets and chews to liquid top spot preparations. Most of these tick products need to be given every month to keep ticks away. Some popular tick products include Advantix, Bravecto and Nexgard Spectra. Tick treatments should also be used in conjunction with daily tick checks of your pet.