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Why buy Nutro dog food?

Wholesome, simple formulas

Every Nutro dog food recipe contains only wholesome, natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. Nutro food is preserved naturally using a unique mixture of rosemary extract with tocopherols (vitamin E), and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Benefits you can see

Nutro dog food is specially designed with ingredients from nature that encourage healthy attributes in your dog such as healthy joints, a shiny coat, and smaller, firmer stools with less odour.

Dogs love the taste

Feedback often received from customers who buy and review Nutro dog food is that their dogs love the taste! For assurance, if you or your pet are not completely satisfied with Nutro dog food, there is a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Proudly Australian made

Nutro is made in Australia from locally sourced produce wherever possible. This helps to support local farmers and manufacturers, and means that due to no import or export time, it arrives to you as fresh as possible.

A food for every lifestage

The Nutro range provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in all lifestages and lifestyles - including puppy, adult, and senior, as well as formulations for weight management and sensitive skin. Every Nutro dog food contains essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Skin and coat health is supported with zinc and linoleic acid, digestion is aided with premium natural fibres, and the immune system is strengthened with the inclusion of advanced antioxidants.