Dog Cleaning and Odour Control

Dog Cleaning and Odour Control


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Cleaning up after your pet

Shop an extensive range of pet cleaning products. Pet Circle understands that keeping a pet involves a lot of cleaning! From picking up waste while out and about, to cleaning up after accidental urination inside, to removing fur from furniture and your clothes, we’ve got all the products to keep you covered.

How do I toilet train my dog?

Nobody likes it when their pet toilets inappropriately. Whether you’re toilet training your puppy, have a territorial male who is marking, an excited dog who can’t control their bladder, or an old incontinent animal, Pet Circle has all the right things to help make life easier. Always remember that inappropriate urination can be a sign of serious illness, so seek veterinary advice to rule out problems as a first step.

Help getting rid of pet waste

Pet Circle understands that pets can be messy, which is why we provide a wide range of products for cleaning up after your pet, such as doggy bags, doggy bag dispensers, scoopers, lint rollers to remove dog or cat hair, and a large range of pet sprays to remove or neutralise odours and stains. We also have poo bag refill replacement bag rolls so you’ll never run out!

How to get rid of pet smell

Anti-smell (odour neutralising / eliminating) products are excellent for getting rid of any stench. They help get rid of the smell of urine, faeces, anal gland discharge, or general dirt (such as when your pup has rolled in something awful!). Some odour sprays even remove stains and can work on bedding, carpet, tiles, kennel surfaces, and other soft and hard surfaces. There are even cleaning products to clean not only carpet but the padding below to truly eliminate the smell and stain of urine.

Pet Circle stocks a large range of natural cleaning products which are non-toxic and safe for children and animals.