Dog Waste Control

Dog Waste Control


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Cleaning up after your pet

Shop an extensive range of pet cleaning products. Pet Circle understands that keeping a dog involves picking up a lot of dog poo!

Pet Circle provides a wide range of products for cleaning up after your pet, including doggy bag dispensers, poo bags and refills / replacement rolls, scoopers, lint rollers to remove dog or cat hair, and a large range of pet sprays to remove or neutralise odours and stains.

Which doggy bag is best?

Our range of doggy waste bags come in a large array of styles. We have biodegradable poo bags, bags with handles, lightweight compact bags without handles, and a wide range of colours available. The best product for you depends on your own personal choice.

Perhaps you’d like something a little more flash than the typical black plastic bag? We have bags and bag dispensers in pink, orange, blue, green, yellow, and red. Bag dispensers come as clip-on lead accessories and are available in dog-bone shape, regular oval, or in flat clip form.