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Buy Fish Tanks & Maintenance Online


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Buy Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Shop for fish tanks and aquariums at Pet Circle. With plastic tanks and themed tanks, you will be sure to find everything you need to make a great home for your fish. Both freshwater and saltwater tanks are available, as well as tanks for sand, bark, or terrarium.

Different styles for different pets

Shop Pet Circle's range of tanks for hermit crabs, fish, newts, turtles, lizards, and other aquatic or amphibious pets. Tanks are available in different sizes including mini small, medium, or large tanks. Brands including Fluval and Pen Pals are available at Pet Circle.

Every aquatic or amphibious species

Whether you have a hermit crab, tropical fish, freshwater fish, frog, turtle, newt, axolotl, or snake, Pet Circle has an enclosure for you.

Buy Fish Tank Care Products

Shop our extensive range of fish tank care supplies at Pet Circle. With pH Conditioners, and water agar aquarium testing strips from top brands Fluval, Nutrafin, and Tetra, Pet Circle has everything you need.

For good tank maintenance, approximately 10-15% of tank volume water should be replaced every two weeks. A good way to do this is by vacuuming gravel and replacing any water removed during this process. Tank water should be tested every couple of weeks, as water chemistry cannot be seen visually. It is important to test for pH, nitrites, nitrates, and carbonate hardness. It's also important to clean the aquarium walls every couple of weeks. Always be sure to count your fish, as fish death can lead to decomposition and increased ammonia and nitrite in the water.

Treatments to keep all your bases covered

Want to know how to condition your tank water? Pet Circle has water conditioners, biological enhancers, and formulas to balance your tank water completely.