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Horse Health & Supplements


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Buy Horse Health Products Online

With the very best price on Pony and Horse Health products, as well as a great range of equine medical supplies, Pet Circle is the perfect place to shop online for your equine friend. Whether you have a hobby horse, backyard farm, prancing pony, or a race horse, Pet Circle has all your health needs covered.

Freight-free to most areas, for orders over $49

Looking for a cheap, convenient horse shop for all your veterinary products? Look no further - our one-stop horse shop has everything you need, with free delivery (yes - free freight!) to most areas for orders over $49. Check your postcode to check if you qualify for free freight!

A wide range of horse health products

Has your vet recommended a horse supplement, or are you after some horse medical supplies? Perhaps you like to have wound care and first aid products available, to patch up any minor injuries at home? Pet Circle sells a premium range of top-quality, medical grade pony and horse supplements, vitamins, digestive aids, joint care, bandages, horse first aid, skin care, anxiety aids, electrolytes, and recovery performance products.

In terms of supplements, Pet Circle stocks everything from horse vitamins to performance products. Our range includes electrolytes, rehydration and recovery supplements, salt supplements including salt licks, seaweed meal, rosehip granules, vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium gel, omega oils, and ration balancer pellets.

Shop trusted horse brands

With top quality products from trusted brands Ceva, IAH, Kelato, Ranvet, Troy, Hygain, Value Plus, and Virbac, we're sure to have the health products you're after. Need some help from an online vet? We even have a team of veterinarians available, if you have any questions about our horse health products!