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90% of our 30+ vets still work in Vet Practices across Australia part-time.

They meet Pets and Pet-Parents every day and the biggest barrier they face in giving the best treatment possible, was one thing: Pet Insurance. Either Pet-Parents didn't have any, or the policies they did have were not up to scratch.

Our Policies

What does 'no sneaky sub-limits' mean?

If you have a policy limit of $30k (subject to any chosen annual excess) you can claim vet costs and treatment up to that limit every year. Lots of other insurers place additional cap or limit (so called sub-limits) on the amount you can claim for certain conditions or treatments like tick paralysis or hip replacements - not us!

The treatment plan choices for your pet stays with the two people who know your pet best - you and your vet.

Personalise Your Policy

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