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Adaptil Collar

3 star rating 16 reviews

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  • Reviewed

    We have a rescue boy that has separation anxiety and is reactive. The Adaptil collar has definitely helped him. I appreciate it may not work for all but it has helped us.

  • Reviewed

    The adaptil collar is amazing! It has changed my poor fur baby's life. Being a rescue dog he suffers from separation anxiety and doesn't even want to go out side to play with his buddy without me or my partner. But with the collar he can confidently enjoy doing dog activities again. Only down fall I wish it would last a little longer or be a little cheaper. But buying on pet circle helps save $$

  • Reviewed

    Used the Adaptil collar in conjunction with Complete Calm and found that my puppy's anxiety levels didn't change in the slightest. I was hoping to see just a little difference to justify the VERY high price. Also, quite difficult to get on and off.

  • Reviewed

    this collar has completely fixed our dogs separation anxiety! we can now go to work without feeling guilty. this may not work for all dogs but it definitely worked for our little whippet. A++

  • Reviewed

    We got this collar for our miniature dachshund who was experiencing severe separation anxiety and was barking excessively at home when he hears dogs barking quite a distance away. He also was hypervigilant when out walking. The collar improved his sense of well being in his home significantly and he was less agitated by other dogs barking some distance away and ceased this. Out on walks he was far less nervous and less looking for things that might be an issue and more able to enjoy the walk. In order to determine that it was the effect of the collar and not just an improvement in confidence we took the collar off, washed the dog to remove any residual product and immediately noticed an increase in anxiety levels, barking around the house and the return of fear in the form raggression toward other dogs once more. We put the collar back on and within 24hrs our dog was back to being able to ignore the barking dogs in the distance, feeling safe around the home amd much calmer when out walking. I definitely recommend this but you also need to use positive reinforcement with your dog and reward the behaviour you want to encourage while using the adaptil collar.