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Adaptil Spray

5 start rating 3 reviews

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Customer Reviews

5 star rating 5 Based on 3 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    Was asked to get this product for my anxious staffy she's wears a bandana with the spray on it and she seems calmer than she has been in ages

  • Reviewed

    Seems to have worked to help with my dog's anxiety around being left alone. I don't think it would work for severe anxiety, or if the dog is exposed to more than one stressful situation (e.g. being left alone AND in a foreign environment, etc). I have noticed that my dog's anxiety does reduce a little when I use this product, so I do recommend giving it a go. How effective it will be I think will really depend on each individual dog, and how severe their anxiety is.

  • Reviewed

    So glad that petcircle is now selling the adaptil spray! Great for dogs that do not need ongoing calming, just one offs for travel or when visitors come over etc. I have a high arousal dog and it helps mellow her out instead of becoming very worked up in certain situations. Adaptil is used by many rescue groups to help reduce stress in shelters. 100% love this product!