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Gigwi Melody Chaser Mouse

4 star rating 6 reviews

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Customer Reviews

4 star rating 4 Based on 6 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    Great toy and creative concept. The squeak however is repetitive and never changes. Young cats & kittens would probably love this toy but my older cat has picked up pretty quickly that this is not 'real' prey. A bit of movement or a change in squeaking pattern would probably make it more realistic.

  • Reviewed

    Great toy! But i definitely only paid $15 for this, not $30???

  • Reviewed

    This arrived this morning. My 5 month old kitten LOVES it. She's been busy carrying it around, throwing it in the air and chasing it (when we throw it down the hallway). She even hissed at our other cat who came close to it haha. She's claimed it!! Price is fair but with postage made it a bit dearer. Not too loud, but I would put it away at night. I should've bought 2.

  • Reviewed

    My 2 year old kitty goes nuts over this toy. It keeps her distracted and active for quite a while every time I use it. I hide it away when I'm not around and only gives it to her once every few days to keep her curious.

  • Reviewed

    It does not always work. Sometimes it squeaks, sometimes not.