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Kong Holiday Pull A Partz Present Cat Toy


KONG Holiday Pull A Partz Present Cat Toy

The KONG Holiday Pull-A-Partz Present is a two-in-one cat toy that offers a festive surprise element and stimulates your cat’s curiosity through play. This holiday toy combines an unwrapping experience with engaging features to keep your feline busy and content.

  • Unique Christmas-themed cat toy with an element of surprise
  • Two toys in one for extended playtime
  • Interactive design promotes natural hunting behaviors
  • Soft plush material with cat-attracting ribbons
  • Perfect for seasonal gifting and shared play experiences
  • Type: Interactive cat toy
  • Colors: Vibrant holiday-themed palette
  • Materials: High-quality soft fabrics suitable for cats
  • Note: Not intended for excessively tough play
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Ideal for cats of various breeds and life stages
  • Encourages both solitary and interactive play
  • Inspect toy regularly and only use if fully intact
  • For the toy’s care, hand wash with pet-safe detergent and air dry
Discover More

Gifting becomes even more special with the KONG Holiday Pull-A-Partz Present, designed to enchant your four-legged companion during the festive period. To enrich your cats toy chest further, explore our selection of KONG Cat Toys for other engaging options. Remember to always monitor your pet during play and regularly inspect the toy to keep every session both fun and safe.

About the Brand

KONG has been at the forefront of innovating toys that enrich the lives of pets and their parents since the 1970s. Committed to fulfilling the natural instincts of our furry friends, KONG is synonymous with creating strong, lifelong bonds through play. Learn more about their commitment and explore the KONG legacy through their diverse range of products.

Kong Holiday Pull A Partz Present Cat Toy

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