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PAW Blackmores Digesticare

4.5 star rating 53 reviews


PAW Blackmores DigestiCare supplement is a premium blend of probiotics and fermented whole foods, specially formulated to enhance your pets digestive health. Its advanced formula now includes a new ingredient, Bacillus subtilis, known for its positive impact on stool quality and in assisting with chronic diarrhea conditions.

  • Multi-strain, multi-species probiotic and wholefood powder
  • Upgraded formula with enriched nutrients from Spirulina, Quinoa, and Alfalfa
  • Promotes a balanced digestive system and healthy gastrointestinal flora
  • Formulation fortified with resistant starch, enzymes, and the innovative Bacillus subtilis
  • Specifically beneficial for pets with chronic diarrhea or gastrointestinal disruptions
  • Includes a convenient scoop for accurate measurement and dosing
  • Dosage guidelines tailored to pet weight for optimal benefit
  • Precise dosing instructions to avoid under or over-supplementation
  • Not recommended for use alongside certain antibiotics
  • Keep out of reach of children for safety
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Ideal for cats, dogs, and various other companion animal breeds
  • Recommended during digestive distress or to support a balanced gut microbiome
  • For best results, double the dosage during the initial five days of intestinal discomfort
  • Store in a cool, dry place ideally below 25°C (77°F)
  • Ensure the product is well sealed after use to preserve its potency and freshness
  • Refer to packaging for product shelf life and expiration date

PAW Blackmores Digesticare

  • Type:Powder

Ingredients List

NEW formula! Wholefood powder mix (contains wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice, linseed, maize, mung beans, oat groats, soybean, millet, alfalfa seed, buckwheat, spirulina, sweet potato, barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, adzuki beans, quinoa, calcium, omnimin, and molasses), PRO(N8)URE IFS mix (contains Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Natuzyme and prebiotic).

Feeding Guidelines

These are broad guidelines only, designed to assist with feeding your pet based on their weight, age and activity level. Always check the feeding charts on your pet's food packaging in conjunction with these feeding guidelines. Required amounts may differ between individual pets, and adjustments may be required to maintain optimal body weight.

Once or twice daily feeding is recommended for adult dogs, unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian. Puppies and kittens require feeding more regularly, with the total portion divided into three or four meals throughout the day. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.


Customer Reviews

4.5 star rating 53 Reviews
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