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Pet Kit Mate Pro

4 star rating 2 reviews

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  • Reviewed

    Clarity is fantastic, the movement arrows don’t always work for me which is frustrating. It could be slow internet’s network that does this as sometimes it does work. I have no clue how to use the laser pointer, there are no instructions or button to switch it on. The night vision is pretty cool. Overall it’s pretty good though I have nothing else to compare it to. It did feel light, cheap when I opened it. Just wish the movement would work more often.

  • Reviewed

    I got the Pet Kit Mate Pro a few weeks ago to keep an eye on my dog while I was at work. Bringing a dog into a new home can be stressful when you have to leave them for long periods of time and have no idea how they're coping. Setting it up was really easy - I just downloaded the App, connected to the camera via bluetooth, connected the camera to Wifi and it was all done. I've moved the camera to a few different rooms and that hasn't created any problems. I've noticed the camera can be a bit slow to connect sometimes, but I think that's mainly due to network speed. I have occasionally had to restart the App to get it to connect. The vision itself is superb in good lighting, it can be a bit hard to see in low lighting but when night vision kicks in it's pretty clear. The camera rotates almost 360 degrees and is very responsive, and allows you to zoom in and tilt up or down so you can find your pet when they're not in their usual spot. I've only used the microphone a few times - my voice on the other end sounds a bit muffled but clear enough to speak a command. I haven't used the laser pointer as it's not recommended for dogs. The Pet Kit Mate Pro can seem a bit pricey, however I would recommend as it's been reliable, really easy to use and not an eyesore in the living room. It's such a relief to know he's not barking all day, destroying the couch or sitting by the door crying.