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Pioneer Ceramic Pet Fountain Big Max

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  • Reviewed

    Fountain was very easy to assemble (i watched a video on youtube). It runs silently, with a very pleasing quiet water tinkle. Most importantly, my cat likes to drink from it, and spends a fair bit of time just sopitting nearby, watching it. One note: it is big, too big to have in my wee kitchen, so I have installed it in the bathroom

  • Reviewed

    I bought this fountain because it had a lot of good reviews and I agree with them. It is fairly big so holds a lot of water and my fussy cat loves it. It isn't too noisy compared to other brands even when it starts to run low. The only thing that could be improved is that it doesn't really bubble that much at the top as it looks like it does in the pictures, just ever so gently bubbles under the water and cascades to the next level...which really makes me question whether it is much different to having out a large bowl of water. At least the water is getting aerated but my cat keeps staring at the top part confused and unimpressed waiting for it to be more like her old fountains.