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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Anallergenic

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  • Reviewed

    great thank you

  • Reviewed

    My dog had suffered weekly tummy upsets for many years. We switched to Royal Canin Anallergenic on our vet's recommendation, and our dog's tummy problems are a thing of the past. What's more, he really loves the bites and is no longer a fussy eater. True, the product is more expensive than many other foods, but for me, it's a small price to pay for a healthier, happier doggie. On the other hand, the Royal Canin Hyperallergenic didn't work at all for our dog, so I suggest discussing options with your vet.

  • Reviewed

    Excellent option for dogs who suffer with skin allergies. Was recommended this product by dog dermatologist. We have just completed 6 weeks and my staffy’s allergies are almost gone. I think what she has left is probably due to contact allergies so this diet definitely has helped. She has much more energy now probably as she is no longer irritated with allergies. Her number 2’s are very clean and easy to pick up after so must be gentle on tummy’s. She also rarely passes wind which she used to do on a protein diet. Although expensive it’s worth it to see my pup more comfortable!

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    My 3yo labrador has had recurring yeast infections in her ears pretty much since she was a puppy. After giving up on vet-prescribed drops and ointments that never worked, we tried 6 different types of food before discovering this one, which finally worked to clear up her ears! So thankful to find food that agrees with her! Happy doggo, happy customer :)

  • Reviewed

    Very good product but is very expensive for just 8kg bag