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Rufus and Coco Anxiety Aid

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Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid

This professionally formulated dietary supplement for dogs and cats contains natural ingredients, including tryptophan to help relieve anxiety and also promote healthy sleep patterns and appetite. Tryptophan is an amino acid, used by the body as a precursor for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness.

  • Drug free supplement to help relieve anxiety and promote feelings of well-being
  • Contains natural ingredients including tryptophan
  • Australian made, APVMA registered supplement
  • Suitable for dogs and cats

Directions for use: Follow the dosage instructions on the label and mix or sprinkle the appropriate amount of powder into your pets food. For best results use daily. Each 100g pack will last a medium sized dog approximately 30 doses.

Founded in 2008, Rufus & Coco is wholly Australian owned and the fastest growing pet brand in Australia. Rufus & Coco are committed to producing high quality pet products that are ethically sourced and use natural alternatives wherever possible. Their range of pet products and accessories are developed in consultation with world leading formulators, manufacturers and developers to ensure that they are of the highest standard.

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Rufus and Coco Anxiety Aid

  • Variety:Stress and Anxiety


Active ingredients include: Tryptophan, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamins A, C and E

Customer Reviews

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  • Reviewed

    I have an old girl that started barking during the night for no obvious reason. Gave her a dose of this last night and we both slept through the night. Have given it again tonight and so far, so good as well!

  • Reviewed

    I gave this to my anxious staffy x, I didn't notice a difference until I had finished the container and she'd been off of it for about a week. Without it, she was far more reactive and her separation anxiety worsened. She's back on it now, and much calmer and relaxed again

  • Reviewed

    I have two cats, one with a spinal injury. The vet requested I purchase a pet supplement for the injured cat that contains tryptophan in the hope it will assist limited treatment options due to the cat's drug intolerance issues. After researching various products and their ingredients, I purchased Rufus and Coco Anxiety Aid. Neither cat will eat any food with this pet supplement added to it. For me this was not a good value purchase. Given my cats won't go near any food it is in, it is clearly not tasteless and odourless as was stated by Rufus and Coco to me during a phone call. More than that, I can't comment on the quality and outcomes of the supplement because both cats refuse to eat it. I chose to give this product one star for quality because I have no option to leave product quality unrated. I am now looking at other supplement options.

  • Reviewed

    I bought this for my very anxious hyper staffy, after a week or so she showed signs of a much calmer attitude. I was able to take her on holiday which she coped with very well, something I never thought we could do. I will continue to give her this powder.

  • Reviewed

    Bought 3 weeks ago, used as indicated, 1 scoop daily, so far I have not noticed a reduction in Merlins anxiety levels. Not sure how long it takes to have an effect. If there is no improvement when the container is finished I don't think I will bother buying another one.