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The Curious Box Curious Cat Box

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  • Reviewed

    What a fun hamper! There was a pack of Greenies in the box I got which are my cat's favourite, (yay!) as well as some extra treats from a brand I hadn't seen before but she seemed to like them too. The kong toy was one with feathers which went down a treat (my cat loves feathers!) and a couple of other goodies. I think this box would be perfect if you want to buy a present for someone's pet, but don't know what kind of things they like / eat / play with. It's a great general selection of fun stuff :) (or you know, if you're like me and just want to treat your own pet, because you're a crazy cat mum and you know she deserves a treat because she's a perfect little floof ball).

  • Reviewed

    Great little treat for your kitties. The pack had 6 items. The kong toy is great, the other little toy doesn?t work on carpet so that?s a shame. The 2 different treats will be interesting to see if they eat them! The brush will be ok but as a pet owner I already have several brushes & combs. The liner bags will go to a friend because I change litter twice a day so I don?t use them. It?s definitely value for money, but more treat samples of all kinds of different biscuits would be amazing. I waste loads of bags of biscuits because they don?t like them but you can?t get samples of them. Sample biscuits & the toys are great!! This is such a great initiative!! I do love the box!! My two fluffies will enjoy.

  • Reviewed

    Bought The Curious Cat Box for my adult cat. She absolutely loved the Greenies and the other chicken biscuit brand as well. The toys and brush were great and also the liner bags will come in handy. The box is great too.

  • Reviewed

    fantastic!! my kitten adores the toy and was such good value! Have recommended it to all my cat owner friends