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Thundershirt Heather Grey

4 star rating 6 reviews

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ThunderShirt for Dogs in Heather Grey

The ThunderShirt helps to calm your dog by applying constant gentle pressure to the sides of the body. It is scientifically proven to help relieve anxiety and fearfulness in dogs.

  • Safe, drug free option for managing anxiety
  • Effective and scientifically supported
  • Versatile, can be used in many different situations
  • Available in 7 sizes to fit most dogs

The ThunderShirt is an effective, drug free way to help manage your pet’s anxiety. The design applies constant, gentle pressure to the soft tissue which helps to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation. ThunderShirts are recommended by veterinarians and veterinary behaviourists as a tool to help with treating common fears and anxieties including storm phobias and separation anxiety. The ThunderShirt has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety symptoms in dogs diagnosed with separation anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. It has also been proven to help lower signs of anxiety in dogs during simulated thunderstorm conditions. A survey of 149 veterinarians conducted in 2011 found that over 98% reported success when using the ThunderShirt to manage anxiety and fear in canine patients.

Safe for use with dogs of all ages.

Available Sizes:

  • XXS - Chest measures 23-34cm
  • XS - Chest measures 33-45cm
  • S - Chest measures 40-58cm
  • M - Chest measures 45-66cm
  • L - Chest measures 61-81cm
  • XL- Chest measures 77-101cm
  • XXL - Chest measures 96-127cm

Prefer a different colour? Check out the ThunderShirt in Blue.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, Adaptil can work well in combination with a ThunderShirt.

Do you have an anxious cat? Try ThunderShirt for Cats.

Thundershirt Heather Grey

  • Variety:Stress and Anxiety
  • Colour:Grey

Customer Reviews

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  • Reviewed

    This has been amazing for our shih tzu x maltese. Makes a remarkable difference when thunder, fire works or if we just go out, she seems much calmer and able to cope. I highly recommend this product.

  • Reviewed

    Have tried this once so far, will update later after using more. But so far this shirt is the best thing to help with anxiety without medication. Our border collie gets anxious and stressed when going for walks around here with so many agressive dogs running at fences and as we prefer to go early night when it's dark he stresses even more. Tonight it was the usual with the other dogs but our fur baby did not flinch or try to run away once. This was the best and easiest walk we have had in a year, I jumped when the dog barked not him lol

  • Reviewed

    Great. Works well to settle dog.

  • Reviewed

    I have tried this several time, and while it may have a very marginal effect on my dogs temperament, I really think it is rather useless. It is well enough made, and many testimonials on the net disagree with my conclusion. Nevertheless, for our stubborn and hard to train Doxie the product is next to useless.

  • Reviewed

    The thunder shirt works wonderfully well with for my terrier cross who is terrified of storms. She can bark and run around in terror for hours during a thunder storm - but the thunder shirt calms her down within 15 mins and she stops barking and can settle down. She's out grown her first one I bought her as a pup - it's time to get her a bigger one because without it - she really struggles.

  • Reviewed

    My Cavalier took to not liking long drives. On our last trip she curled up and slept for the three hours it took. I'd like one for myself to help with the stress of driving! Thoroughly recommend.