Small Pet Toys and Hideaways

Small Pet Toys and Hideaways


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Small Pet Toys and Hideaways

Whether your ferret loves hanging out in a hammock, or your mouse gets a kick out of exploring the house from the safety of their own run-about rolling ball, we have a range of small pet toys and hideaways online at Pet Circle. Exercise and entertainment can impact your pet in highly positive ways, just as it does in humans, so providing a range of toys is just as important as a comfortable bed or a tasty treat.

Exercise Balls

Often made from clear, durable plastic, exercise balls are great for keeping small pets such as mice and ferrets active, while also allowing them to explore the world around them without hurting themselves or becoming lost.

Hideaways and Furniture

If there’s one thing that rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other small animals have in common, it’s that they love to hide. Whether it’s an igloo-shaped hidey-hole or a suspended fun house, our cage accessories, hideaways and other furnishings for your pet enclosure will provide a spot for some much-needed time out at the end of a long play session.