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French Bulldog Training Essentials

Boredom and anxiety are often the root cause of behaviour problems in French Bulldogs. Use occupying toys and treats to keep them mentally stimulated and out of mischief.

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    French Bulldog Clothes, Coats, Jackets & More

    Help your French Bulldog express their unique paw-sonality with T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, coats, costumes and accessories.

      Tips for French Bulldog Owners

      • French Bulldogs are brachycephalic (flat faced), which means they are particularly sensitive to heat stress. Be extremely cautious when exercising or playing with your Frenchie in warm weather, and never leave them unattended in a car.
      • Some pet parents note that their French Bulldogs can smell less than sweet. Unpleasant odour in French Bulldogs may be caused by skin infections (particularly in skin folds), dental disease or anal gland problems.
      • French Bulldogs happily adapt to life with singles, couples or families and usually get on well with other animals.
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      Mealtime and Health Essentials for French Bulldogs

      From mealtime and play to dental care and joint support, build healthy habits into your French Bulldog's daily routine to keep them healthy inside and out.

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        French Bulldog Grooming & Odour Control

        The key to keeping your Frenchie smelling sweet is to support optimal skin health. Bathe your French Bulldog every few weeks using a gentle shampoo, paying extra close attention to drying the folds of skin around their face to prevent yeast and bacterial infections.

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          French Bulldog Puppy Essentials

          French Bulldogs can be mischievious and stubborn at times, so it's best to start training right from the very first day they come home. Use of positive, reward based training techniques and crate training is highly recommended.

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