7 Ridiculously Cute Toys and Accessories for Pocket Pets [2020]

31 JANUARY 2020

This article is written by our in-house veterinarian, Dr Carla Paszkowski BVSc

Small mammals - also affectionately known as 'pocket pets' - are all special in their own way. Rats are incredibly smart and love problem solving. Rabbits are famous for the 'binky' - an uncontainable burst of energy released during playtime. And ferrets are an energetic, quirky snake-cat hybrid with keen hunting instincts and desire to chase.

Why not treat your pint-sized squeeky pal to an array of ridiculous mini things? You know you want to...

We've collected 7 of our most outrageously cute toys and accessories for small mammals, some which you'll need to see to believe!

1. The Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper

'Roll up, roll up!' This unbelievably adorable 'wheek wagon' is a fun and creative way to keep your pet's hay contained. It also has the hilarious effect of making your guinea pig look like a comically scaled-down elephant grazing from a hay wagon in a 19th-century travelling carnival. Made from chew-safe wood, this wagon is suitable for any hay eating species, including guinea pigs or rabbits.

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2. Weight Lifter Veggie Kebab

Ever wanted to watch your pocket pet weight lift 1000 kilograms like a boss? Well now you can! Another great item from quirky brand HayPigs, this glorified kebab stick is designed to look like a 1000kg weight bar. Watching your your piggy, bunny, or rat grip this 'dumbbell' while they nibble at their favourite veggie smorgasboard will give you entertainment to no end.

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3. Pipkins Alpine Lodge

Who wouldn't want a cosy holiday log cabin tucked away in the snowy Swiss Alps? This too-cute-for-words 'alpine lodge' is the perfect way to treat your fluffball to a house they can sleep in and gnaw their toothy pegs on. Made from chew-safe wood - your little one will basically feel like Hansel and Gretel finding a gingerbread house in the woods... minus the cannabilistic witch!

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4. Haypigs Cannonball Tilting Tunnel

Following on with the 'miniature carnival' theme - how ridiculously cute is this? Your pet sees it as a comfy, snug hidey tunnel. But you see it as a spectacular show cannon with your wheek monster preparing to be blown sky-high! "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!"

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5. Trixie Soft Harness

Have you taught your rat, ferret, rabbit or guinea pig how to walk on a lead? These Trixie harnesses are just too cute and come in a variety of colours. Now your fur baby can look their most fabulous when out enjoying fresh air and the delcious grass (noms!). Available in three different sizes for rabbits and guinea pigs, and rats.

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6. Living World Hanging Range

Let your pet doze in the ultimate comfort, dreaming of a tropical island far, far away. "Hakuna Matata, baby!" With a cubby-like fun house, a hammock, and the extra snuggly sleeping bag, this range is suitable for any climbing critter such as rats, ferrets, and mice.

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7. Trixie Natwood Cage Accessories

Because your pocket pet deserves to live eco-friendly, too! These outrageously mini natural wooden accessories are made for smol arms, teensy nibbles and petite playtime. They're particularly great if you aren't a fan of plastic or brightly-coloured nonsense. From mini dumbbells to wooden bridges, they are made from chew-safe wood and natural materials.